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From 1976 OSSIE was published by the Sydney Sun-Herald and Melbourne’s Sun News Pictorial where the strip appeared daily for over eight years. OSSIE shared jokes around the excesses and eccentricities of the Aussie family, its dubious friends and neighbours.

OSSIE reflected life in suburbia as no other strip at the time, blending the fantasies and the realities of both the child and the adult worlds. Characters included Harvey, Kye, Ossie, Merle, Patsy, Frank, Nora, and Yobbo the dog! 


CHEERCHAMPS, a universal mascot for all sports was launched in 1983.

An attractive dual colored character it featured as a regular cartoon strip

in Saturday Melbourne’s Herald and across merchandise through

licensees including BP Australia, Nabisco, and Elastoplast.



published in comic book form in 1988 by Budget Books Pty Ltd

(copyright OZ CROC PTY LTD 1988),

written and illustrated by Geoff Augustine.




WHY IS HE LAUGHING? A Cartoonist’s Journey with cancer

Pubblished by Network Creative Services

with assistance from Hardie Grant in 2019. 


  • BILLY WHISKERS was written and illustrated by Geoff Augustine. Published by William Heinemann in 1987, BILLY WHISKERS is a hilarious story of a naughty goat who escapes and goes on a rampage. BILLY WHISKERS was included in Audiobook: Max Gillies children’s collection, ABC for Kids, published by ABC in 1989. 
  • AUGUSTINE GUIDE TO FLUSHING AROUND TOWN, Melbourne Edition and Sydney Edition. Published by Five Mile Press in 1989. Panel cartoons illustrated serious reviews of over 200 public conveniences in the capital cities and regional tourist destinations of Melbourne and Sydney. The publication was supported by Sorbent with high-profile launches featuring Marika (aka Mark Mitchell) at Collins Place, Melbourne and Darling Harbour, Sydney. 



  • DANCING OLIVES: SONGS FOR CHILDREN by Tassos Ioannidis with cartoons by Geoff Augustine, was published by Hodga Educational Resources Co-op in 1985.
  • WONDERFUL NAMES OF AUSTRALIAN TOWNS by John Hammer with cartoons by Geoff Augustine was published in 1983, and 1984.
  • Cartoons for WORLD OF ENGLISH Books 2, 3 and 4 published by Sadler & Hayllar.
  • Cartoons and cover for GETTING IT RIGHT published by Macmillan Education Aust (1993-1995).


  • BEACH, STEAMROLLER, CIRCUS and PETWASH (900 pieces) for Jigsaw Toy Co.
  • POOL SHARKS and AUSSIE BUSH OPEN (1000 pieces) for Spear’s Games, a Mattel company.
detail from ‘Pool Sharks”
Aussie Bush Open snip 1
detail from ‘Aussie Bush Open’


To strike like lightning with one shot at the paper takes confidence and flair! Augustine provides guests with an ‘out of the ordinary’ experience, expertly caricaturing around 100 people during an event while entertaining hundreds more.

The caricature is a special personal memento of an occasion with a better than average chance of being kept, framed and talked about with family, friends and business associates. A discrete corporate logo and presentation poster pack can be provided by the client as part of the total package.

Photos can be supplied ahead of time for caricatures to be framed for presentation and to be produced in audio-visual and other media.